Water Advisory Committee

Citizens' Water Advisory Committee 

Request for applications for Water Advisory Committee for Cave Creek residents

The Town Council of the Town of Cave Creek is currently seeking applications from citizens wishing to serve on the Town of Cave Creek Water Advisory Committee. Currently there are also three seats to be filled on the Committee for Cave Creek residents. 

Please submit all applications to Teresa Riza, Town Clerk, Town of Cave Creek, 37622 N. Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek, Arizona, 85331 or email to townclerk@cavecreekaz.gov. 

Please fill out an application (PDF) and submit it to the Town Clerk’s office either in person at Town Hall or via email to townclerk@cavecreek.org.

About the Water Advisory Committee (WAC)

The Citizen’s Water Advisory Committee (Water Advisory Committee) was created by Ordinance No. O2007-09 of the Mayor and Common Council of the Town of Cave Creek, Maricopa County, Arizona as adopted by unanimous vote of the Council on May 21, 2007.

At the May 20, 2013 Cave Creek Town Council meeting, the Council approved an ordinance re-instating the Citizen’s Water Advisory Committee (WAC) that had been previously dissolved. This committee was formed to advise the Council on a variety of water-related issues. The WAC is composed of 7 members representing customers of the Cave Creek and Desert Hills Water Systems, as well as Carefree residents served by Cave Creek Water. However, members need not be serviced by the Towns water system to participate in the committee, if they have qualifications that would be beneficial to the Committee. There are also alternates for each service area.
 The primary functions of the Water Advisory Committee include:
  • Act as the official advisory body on the water Capital Improvement Program (CIP) planning and rate structure formulation to Town government; 
  • Develop and recommend policies, procedures and programs that promote water conservation practices that the Committee and the Town Council deem appropriate and responsible;         
  • Annually review the proposed water system and CIP and recommend to the Town Council an annual and a five-year capital budget; 
  • Annually review the water revenue requirements of the water system and recommend to the Town Council rate and fee adjustments as required; 
  • Promote the concerns of the Town’s water customers by ensuring that the recommended water rate adjustments are just and reasonable, consistent with adopted Mayor and Town Council plans and policies; 
  • Monitor Town and subcontractor activities to provide a safe water delivery system and make recommendations that will promote a high-quality water source for all of its customers; 
  • Review and report to the Town Council on the long-term (twenty [20] to thirty [30] years) water source and capital needs of the water system, utilizing staff of the Water Utility Department and other resources for the information necessary for such review; 
  • Consult with Town staff from time to time as may be required by the Town Manager, Mayor and Town Council relative to water resource development needs; 
  • Annually review the Town’s water resources plans and recommend revisions to the Town Council as required; 
  • Review or make recommendations on policies affecting those water issues which the Committee deems appropriate.

The Committee members are organized in various sub-committees to conduct special studies and review operations and management processes. 

  • Finance: The finance working/advisory group will assist the Utilities Department and Town Manager in reviewing budgets for Capital Improvement Program (CIP); review and recommend appropriate fee and rate adjustments. The working/advisory group may be required to review other budgetary matters related to annual and other water related projects. 
  • Technical: This working/advisory group will advise the Committee on technical related issues of current and future water infrastructure needs. This working group will work closely with the Town Engineers, consulting firms and staff. 
  • Planning and Policy: This working/advisory group will work closely with the committee and staff on residential and commercial incentives, regulations, ordinances and policy. 
  • Conservation and Education: This working/advisory group will develop and promote community outreach programs with the goal of conserving, protecting, and enhancing our water resources.

The Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at Cave Creek Town Hall. Times for the meetings are listed on the Town’s Event Calendar

 NamePositionResides In
Richard Johnson
Cave Creek
Alex Nadesan
Vice ChairmanCave Creek
Jeff Byrket
Desert Hills
Reg Monachino
MemberCave Creek