Land Use Plans

General Plan
The Town of Cave Creek has experienced many changes over the past decade. These changes have affected our economy, the Town’s services, our schools, our access to the environment, and our lifestyle. We believe that our Town is at a crossroad, and that this plan will provide direction to ensure that the changes we will continue to experience result in the future quality of life and the lifestyle that we desire.

The general plan provides information and recommendations to assist Town decision-makers as they guide Cave Creek into the future. Residents, businesses, and those wishing to do business in the Town can use this plan to help them understand their community and decide how Cave Creek will meet the challenges that may be presented to it.

In accordance with a.R.S. § 9-461.05, this plan guides land use and zoning decisions. The plan does not change existing zoning, however, future re-zonings must conform to the general plan. Individuals or entities that own land in Cave Creek, or are considering the purchase of land within the Town limits, would be wise to consult this document regarding the types of land use, transportation, and open spaces the Town encourages.

The Town Core Plan

The Town of Cave Creek Town Core Plan (PDF) ("the Plan") presents a major opportunity to promote the character, attraction and western culture of the Town Core. The Plan outlines the components that will make such a vision a reality.  It builds upon existing assets, capitalizes upon significant uses and features of the natural environment.  The Plan addresses the development of privately and publicly owned parcels of land within the Core.  With the formal adoption by the Town Council, this document serves as a guide in making decisions that effect the future development of the Core.