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Press Releases and Announcements:

Press releases are available to accredited news outlets, websites, and other entities for the promotion of the Town of Cave Creek and its events. The Town of Cave Creek owns all content and proper credit must be given when using its content.

Town of Cave Creek Logos:

The Town of Cave Creeks logos are an important part of our branding and identity, as well as the official Town Seal. Written permission from Town Staff must be granted to use any of the Town’s logos and/or seals. To request permission for use of the Town’s logos please email communications or call Town Hall at 480-488-6600.


Photo credit should be given to the Town of Cave Creek when used in print or online publications and social media sites, unless specified otherwise. These photos should only be used to promote the Town of Cave Creek and its community, and can not be used for commercial or any other purposes.



Benjamin Robinson, Digital Communications Specialist
480-488-6628 (office);
contact via email