Town Marshal

The Town Marshal’s Office
The Town of Cave Creek Marshal’s Office is a full service Marshal’s Office and offers the following services to the residents of Cave Creek:

  • Gun lock distribution
  • Child identification kits
  • Speed trailer deployment
  • Security surveys
  • Community service work

Fingerprinting services are by appointment only. Contact Marshal Adam Stein directly at 480-488-6636 to schedule a date and time. 

Currently there is a $15 per card fee for scheduled fingerprinting appointments with an additional $2 fee for purchase of a fingerprint card.  

About the Marshal
The Town of Cave Creek Marshal’s Office is comprised of a Marshal, who is assisted by a Reserve Sergeant. Marshal Stein is a former New York City Police Officer, who brings over twenty years of experience in Emergency Services to the Town of Cave Creek. Marshal Stein is a Certified Police Officer as well as a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. Marshal Stein is a very experienced Police Officer who brings a high level of professionalism to the Marshal’s Office.

All Marshal Office staff are friendly and helpful. We strive to provide our residents the best service possible as well as to provide full law enforcement services to the Cave Creek residents. If you have a law enforcement or emergency management related question, please do not hesitate to call and ask. We are employed by the Town of Cave Creek and we are here to assist our residents. Marshal Stein takes great pride in our community and is proud to be the Cave Creek Marshal.

The Town of Cave Creek Marshal’s Office investigates any violations of the town code including zoning ordinances. Our goal at the Marshal’s Office is to seek compliance either voluntarily or in some instances through issuance of citations. Although we certainly prefer that our residents voluntarily comply with the town code and ordinances, on occasion citations are issued to non-compliant residents and contractors. Please call the town with any questions you may have before completing any work or modifications that may require a permit or zoning clearance.

It is not better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Many codes and ordinances are criminal in nature. Why receive a criminal citation and have a permanent record over something that you can complete properly with the required permits and clearance? Help us help you and maintain your safety and quality of life.