Services Offered by the Marshal’s Office
The Marshal’s Office provides the following services to the Cave Creek community. Please contact the Marshal’s Office for scheduling or program details.

Vehicle Identification Number Glass Etching
The marshal’s office, offers vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) glass etching on your vehicle to help protect your vehicle from auto theft. Some insurance companies offer a discount to owner’s of a vehicle that have the glass etched the process is available by appointment.

While supplies last, you can receive a free vehicle anti-theft steering wheel lock for every vehicle that you have V.I.N. etched and enroll in the watch your car program. Please bring the confirmation receipt at the time you schedule the V.I.N. etching in order to receive your free steering wheel lock. This program is funded by a very gracious grant from the Arizona Auto Theft Authority.

Speed Trailer Deployment
The marshal’s office maintains four speed awareness trailers that we can deploy in cave creek neighborhoods. If you think that there is a traffic problem in your area, email the marshal and he will evaluate whether or not a speed awareness trailer will help.

Gun Locks
The Cave Creek Marshal’s Office distributes gun locks to Cave Creek residents upon request (while supplies last).

The marshal’s office is one of the few agencies in the area that performs fingerprinting. Due to the large volume of persons requiring fingerprints, appointments are required. The charge for fingerprinting is $15 per card. Please call (480) 488-6636 to schedule an appointment.

Child Safety Identification Kits
The Cave Creek marshal’s office provides child safety identification kits that help identify your child in an emergency. The kits have areas that parents must fill in, including any marks and or scars, as well as a dental chart. The kits also have room for a picture that can be added to complete the identification kit.

Security Surveys
The Cave Creek Marshal’s Office is committed to your safety. Call to schedule a security survey of your home and business and find out ways to help reduce your risk of theft or burglary.