Notice to Prospective Property Owners

Cave Creek Town Hall          37622 North Cave Creek Road          (480) 488-1400


This notice should be read by all individuals and by representatives of all individuals and entities planning to purchase real property in the Town of Cave Creek, Arizona (hereinafter referred to as “Cave Creek”). This Notice DOES NOT create any obligation, but serves simply as a disclosure of the following:

Distinguishing Elements of Cave Creek

1. Zoning: Cave Creek’s zoning ordinance includes the following land use designations, among others:
a. OPEN SPACE. A substantial percentage of the land in Cave Creek is designated open space. These undevelopable areas provide an amenity for citizens of Cave Creek and tourists alike.
b. DESERT RURAL RESIDENTIAL. Many of Cave Creek’s residential areas are in Desert Rural (DR) Zones. Ranching and the possession of horses or other livestock is the right of any person who owns at least two contiguous acres in a DR Zone. Properties in or near DR zones may be exposed to elements that accompany livestock.
c. COMMERCIAL CORE. The Historic Town Core, most of which is zoned Commercial Core, is the backbone of Cave Creek’s local tourism industry. The sales tax generated in this area is a principal revenue source for Cave Creek. Close proximity to Commercial Core Zones may mean exposure to noise and traffic.
These land use designations are intended to promote the enjoyment of and utilization of private and municipal resources. Please consult a Town of Cave Creek Zoning Map to determine how these designations may impact you. For further information, please contact the Cave Creek Planning Department.

2. Trails. Cave Creek has an extensive network of trails open to all members of the public who wish to hike, bike, and horseback ride through town. Access to the Open Space and the Historic Town Core via these trails and roads adds to Cave Creek’s desirability and livability. Many properties in Cave Creek abut or are crossed by these trails. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on trails or in washes by Cave Creek’s Town Code §71.27.

3. Sonoran Desert. Cave Creek takes pride in the preservation of the Sonoran Desert. This environment is home to many unique native plant and animal species, some of which are protected by State and/or Federal law. Wildlife can be a nuisance or a danger. Be respectful of wildlife and educate yourself on how to live compatibly with native species.

4. The Dark Night Sky in Cave Creek is distinctive. Restricted outdoor lighting is essential to preserving dark skies and is protected by Cave Creek’s Zoning Ordinance.

5. The Arts are a cornerstone of Cave Creek’s community. Galleries throughout the town’s commercial core, festivals and an overall appreciation of the creative spirit contribute to making Cave Creek an attractive place to live and visit.

6. Property Taxes. Cave Creek does not, and aims never to have to assess, a municipal property tax. The money used to fund municipal operations are collected from sales tax, fees for permitting and licensing, and State shared funds.

Utilities and Services

1. Trash. Cave Creek does not provide a municipal trash collection service. Property owners may haul trash to a Maricopa County landfill or contract with a commercial trash removal service to dispose of solid waste.

2.  Emergency Fire and Medical Protection is available to all properties located within the Town Limits of Cave Creek as a result of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Town and the Daisy Mountain Fire Department.  This agreement went into effect on January 3rd, 2022 and has also allowed Cave Creek to become a participant in the greater Regional Automatic Aid Dispatch and Response System.  There are no subscription or additional fees to the residents or local businesses for this service.  This was because the Town is able to use the income received from local sales tax and state shared revenue to support this new general fund service.   As an additional service, a Town representative is available to conduct a free defensible space evaluation of your home and/or property to help reduce the threats from a wildland fire incident.  Call the Town’s main number at 480-488-6600 for assistance or with any additional questions.

3. Sewer service is not available to all areas of Cave Creek. Where sewer service is available it may be mandatory to hook into the system and pay associated fees.

4. Water rates may be higher in Cave Creek than in other areas. Conservation is encouraged at all times. For properties not served by the Cave Creek Water Company the Arizona Department of Water Resources issues well permits. See Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Title 45.

5. Roads. Cave Creek is predominantly serviced by rural roads with low speed limits. Drivers must take precautions to share the road and insure the safety of hikers, cyclists and horseback riders AT ALL TIMES. Drivers must yield to horses and other livestock pursuant to A.R.S. §28-858. Private roads not maintained by Cave Creek provide access to many properties in town. Roads, trails, and washes may become impassable as a result of extreme weather.

This information is provided as a service to residents and prospective residents of Cave Creek. Additional restrictions may apply. In addition, the laws, rules, regulations, and conditions detailed herein may change. Nothing in this Notice shall be deemed an amendment or modification of any existing Town ordinance; nor shall the delivery or distribution of this Notice to any person constitute (or be deemed to constitute) an act or land use regulation that reduces any existing rights to use, divide, sell or possess private real property, or that diminishes the value of any real property, pursuant to A.R.S. §12-1134. For more information please contact: (480) 488-1400 or browse for further information on the Cave Creek website.