Right of Way Sign Permit Form and Information

Right-of-Way Sign Permit Form and Information

At its meeting on January 21, 2020, The Town Council adopted Ordinance O2019-02 which amended the Town’s Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 9 Signage, effective February 21, 2020.

Below is a brief synopsis of the sign ordinance as it pertains to Commercial Zones, realtors and garage sales, signs in the Town’s right-of-way along Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway and special events. Please refer to Chapter 9 of the Zoning Ordinance for the complete

For commercial zones:

• One (1) portable sign is permitted on the property per address, which includes suites/tenants (not within the Town Right-of-Way). If you are not sure where your property boundary is, contact the Town of Cave Creek Planning or Engineering Department or a registered land surveyor. Portable Signs are further addressed in Chapter 9 – Signage, Section 9.4 of the Zoning Ordinance.

• Banners are STILL prohibited unless they are on the building or interior of the property and are not within the parking or landscaped area. For a list of all types of signs that are prohibited by the Town of Cave Creek please refer to the Zoning Ordinance Chapter 9 – Signage, Section 9.1.D. Prohibited Signs.

For Realtors and Garage Sales:

• Non-permanent signs may be placed within Town Rights-of-Way classified as a minor collector or a local road, (which are all streets other than Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Road), and do not require a permit as long as they are not placed in a travel lane, median or driveway. Also, the sign cannot exceed three (3) feet in height or six (6)-square-feet in area, and it cannot be displayed for more than 48 consecutive hours.

Signs Proposed Within the Town’s Right-of-Way along Cave Creek Road or Carefree Highway:

• A Right-of-Way Permit is required for a sign proposed to be placed within the Town’s right-of- way along Carefree Highway or Cave Creek Road. Right-of-Way permitting is covered in Chapter 93, Section 93.16 of the Town Code. Each applicant is limited to four permits for placement of signs in the right-of-way, the duration of which may not exceed 10 days per application. A Right-of-Way Permit Application (PDF) is available.

For Special Events:

• The Town Code was updated to allow for signage used in conjunction with a special event, including revisions that better clarify the definition of a special event and streamline the application process. Additional revisions to the Special Event Chapter can be found in the Town Code Chapter 114.

If you have any questions regarding signage, please contact the Planning Department, Luke Kautzman, at (480) 488-6633 or by email.