Building & Fire Code Compliance

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The Building and Fire Code Compliance Division ensures quality construction for the Town’s residents by regulating building construction and building occupancy.  We enforce the Town’s building, fire, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and energy ordinances.  We also enforce other applicable state and local laws and ordinances.

Additionally, the Building and Fire Safety Division oversees:

  • Maintenance of the Town’s Desert Awareness Park and the Cave Creek Rodeo Grounds.
  • Is responsible for fleet management of the Town’s vehicles and Public Works’ heavy equipment.
  • Is responsible for maintenance of all Town property.


In effect beginning 07/01/2022: On March 21, 2022, Town Council approved the adoption of the 2021 International Building Code, 2021 International Residential Code, 2021 International Plumbing Code, 2021 International Mechanical Code, 2020 National Electric Code, 2021 International Fire Code, 2021 International Existing Building Code, 2021 International Fuel Gas Code, 2021 International Energy Conservation Code and their Amendments as amended by resolution R2022-03. Amendments to the International Building Codes can be found here.